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Linda Thomas. Great example. 18 years old. About to graduate. 3.8 GPA. Accepted into her first choice college.
By KMApok

Good things come.....

by KMApok

Linda Thomas. Great example.

18 years old. About to graduate. 3.8 GPA. Accepted into her first choice college.

A senior party. Honor students. Pretty mild, but there was some alcohol.

Linda and her long term boyfriend. A secluded room. Both overcome with joy over academic success. A forgotten condom. Just once. What are the chances?

Pretty good.

Three months later, summer comes to a close, and Linda is terrified over the positive pregnancy test.

In her room, alone, she prays. On her knees, tears streaming down her face, she pleads, begs, for God to get her out of this. She cries to the heavens. She screams with her entire soul.

She's never wanted for anything so badly. She can't do it herself. Her boyfriend left. She can't go to the clinic. She pleads for the Almighty to take her child.

But nothing happens.

Six months later, college rejected, her boyfriend gone, she gives birth. Lily.

And then everything changes.

The weeks, months, years pass. Linda, once filled with dread and terror over the thought of a child, slowly grows to accept her place. She accepts, then loves, her role as mother.

She works hard to give her daughter a good life.

A decade later, she is married. She has worked her way up from a humble server to general manager at a diner. Her husband works in insurance. Lily grows, and is happy.

Then one day, Linda sits on her patio, watching Lily play in the yard. It's a perfectly sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.

As Linda brings her iced tea to her lips, a random bolt of lightning strikes. A flash, an impossibly loud clash of thunder. A unique but horrible smell.

Linda blinks rapidly, trying to clear the spots from her vision. When she did, her breath stopped.

Lily, collapsed and unmoving on the lawn. Linda screamed, and rushed to her downed child.

She cradles her precious daughter. Tears stream down her face. She looks to the heavens. She screams one word.


It's a valuable lesson.

Why? Because she asked for it. God does answer prayers after all.

Have you heard the expression that God is Good?

And that Good things come to those who wait?

Who says God answers prayers on YOUR timeline?

Now, what did you pray for? And when did you pray for it? Have things changed?

Be careful what you pray for......

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