Good Night
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Good Night

Jared and I walked hand in hand, naked in to Shannon's room careful not to wake the sleeping animal just yet.

He'd been exhausted after his first day of recording, and it was time to celebrate with our love.

I crawled in to the bed on Shannon's right while Jared came in on the left.

Snaking my arms around the older Leto, I awoke him with soft small kisses to his neck and collar bone while my other boyfriend wrapped his arms around his brother's waist.

"Mmm." Shannon groaned as he woke and came to the realization that the two people he loved most were here to please him.

Shannon captured my mouth while Jared's powerful grip moved to his softened cock and began to pump it through his hand.

As he began to harden in Jared's grasp, he turned from me and began to kiss him. I scooted down now as Jared guided Shannon in to my mouth ordering me to continue what he started.

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