Good Morning Midnight
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Good Morning Midnight

The girl fought.

She had stilled for a moment. The space in between two breaths. In the grand scheme of things, it was an infinitesimal length of time. It should have been meaningless.

But it was enough.

“There is something…” The woman in red frowned, hand clamping down tighter around the girl’s wrist. The girl could feel her, or some part of her. Reaching inside, reassuring. Certain.

, it whispered, as it teased out some thread of her very being.

“Mal!” The girl bucked her entire body, putting all the force of her young life into her voice and into her will. She grabbed a hold of that thread, and tried her desperate best to sever it. “


At the sound of his voice, the girl relaxed. And the world shattered, in a burst of brilliant, white light.

They put her back with the boy, afterwards. Even Grisha Examiners tired of screaming eventually.

The second she was able, she fell into him, feeling his pudgy hands gripping her tight as she burbled apologies.

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