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Good Luck

“That boy is up to trouble again.” Lepant slammed his hand on the table and stood up, looking expectantly around the room.

Really, he and Eileen would have done well enough in a much smaller space,

and he felt a bit guilty about his personal accommodations now that the Liberation Army had begun to increase its numbers.

Eileen looked up from her book. “Who is? Sheena?”

“Yeah.” He snorted. “It’s been five hours since we saw him last. You know as well as I do that he’d normally be back to eat, if nothing else.”

“Maybe he got some food somewhere else.”

“He’s up to trouble,” Lepant repeated, then walked out the door.

Eileen smiled to herself as she resumed her reading. Lepant had been the same way in his youth, and never could be too strict with Sheena.

She wouldn’t be surprised if the two returned with their arms on each other’s shoulders, wearing identical silly grins.

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