Good Enough
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A fanfic by pencilneck posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Good Enough

Myka Ophelia Bering pushed herself to finish the last quarter mile of her run before resting her hands on her knees and taking some well-earned, deep breaths.

After stretching out her long legs to soothe the impending cramps, she stopped for a moment to check her phone.

Having only shaved thirteen seconds off her last run time, Myka shook her head in disgust, vowing to push herself even harder tomorrow.

'Good enough just isn't good enough, Myka'. She reminded herself of her father's second most worn out phrase.

The most used phrase was 'Eyes on the prize!', which he used so often that Myka wasn't clear about its meaning until she was eight.

Still, it suited the moment, so she added it to her motivational thought process.

The first semester of her senior year at USI (The Univille S.T.E.M. Institute) was just beginning.

She had two terms left in which to make enough of an impression to clinch the Frederic Scholarship, which would grant her a paid internship at Warehouse,

which would guarantee her future in scholarly scientific research and get her out of Univille. Eyes on the prize, indeed.

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