Good Boy
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fanfic by snazzelle adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Good Boy

“Give daddy a kiss.”

It is those words that stops Daryl completely, his hands paused over taking apart some tin contraption to see what prizes lay inside,

and head whipping around so fast he swears he nearly topples over from the sudden displacement of equilibrium.

His narrow blue eyes narrow even further, almost slit like as he stares at the man who spoke those words that halts him so completely,

into the face of a man who's gone a little red and unsure of what the hell he just said.

“The fuck y'say.”

“Give... daddy a kiss?” Rick's full lips spread into a slow grin, getting a little braver since, from the array of reactions he

of gotten, this was it. They're alone together, just getting used to a room they claimed as their own, and there was no one to disturb them. If he want to, he could be playful with Daryl.

And he wants to.

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