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fiction by keylimepie adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Good As New

It seemed like a simple enough case.

The convent was probably haunted, probably by some long dead nun,

and Dean and Castiel had already started the “FBI investigation” of the case before they had realized that only a nun was going to be able to get at the information that they needed.

“Heya Mel, how do you feel about taking a vow of chastity?” Dean asked his sister-in-law over the phone that afternoon.

“Dean, if this is about last week in the kitchen I think I’ve already apologized enough for Gabriel and me both,” she said crossly.

She was irritated that Gabriel had left the apologizing to her,

that in fact he was not the least bit sorry that he’d talked her into 3 AM kitchen sex and then let his guard down so much that he hadn’t noticed Dean wandering the bunker sleeplessly.

“No it’s not, and uh, thanks for reminding me. I hope to never see another archangel ass again for the rest of my life.”

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