Goldenblue Summer
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Goldenblue Summer

"Why exactly do you have this?" Cu asked, watching in mild boredom as Gilgamesh fiddled angrilly with a little plastic rectangle.

It looked vaguely familiar, not from his own memories but from the ones the grail had implanted in him, and if Gilgamesh had it then it was probably a noteworthy object.

After all, the guy prided himself on owning everything worth having- and that didn't limit him to the sorts of treasures you'd expect, like weapons and jewels.

Cu had seen him pull ancient looking computers and gaming consoles from that Gate, older models of cars and planes... he had every notable creation ever made by man, it seemed.

"For the same reason I have anything," Gilgamesh snapped in response, spinning one of the little plastic gears with his finger. "Because it is woth having."

"Ok, let me rephrase that- why are you bringing it out

It was summer, painstakingly hot, and even with the setting sun it didn't seem to be getting any cooler.

He and Gilgamesh had been sitting on the church's porch since dawn, small fans and popsicle sticks littered around them.

The radio had been crackling some stale talkshow, but now it was only static.

Lancer had fiddled wih it, Gilgamesh had fiddled with it, and now he seemed to have given up, and was fiddling with... whatever that thing was.

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