Golden/Blue [2]: Hole in My Heart
Golden/Blue [2]: Hole in My Heart tommy ratliff (musician) stories

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fanfic by rainbowsheltie adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Golden/Blue [2]: Hole in My Heart

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. Tommy closed his eyes and let the sensations take over. Still he couldn’t fully commit himself to them, because something was missing.

The more he listened inwards, the stronger he could feel it in his bones and every fiber of his very naked body.

The familiar bed was comfortable under him, it made him feel kinda safe, but not the way he longed for.

Opening his eyes when he heard the pleasure-filled moan, he looked up at the female figure writhing above him. She was gorgeous.

His girlfriend had the right curves at all the right places, and the hot tightness surrounding Tommy’s hard cock should’ve felt perfect.

He looked at his slender hands resting on the curvy hips, felt them move under his touch as she was riding him.

His eyes wandered up on her stomach to watch the round breasts rocking with the motion of her body.

He briefly slid his hands up to cup them and play with the erect nipples, eliciting another approving moan from her, then his hands slid down to rest on her thighs.

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