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fan work by cerra101 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Kuroko's mom met Akashi's dad 17 years ago at a local coffee shop. They both didn't even spare a second glance at each other but Kuroko's mom did take an interest in him.

Seeing the tall handsome red head with beautiful golden cat eyes, made something in her heart flutter.

She was nervous on the inside but calm as always on the outside when he talked to her one day.

That day changed both of their lives forever when two years later, they were expecting two beautiful twin girls. Seika and Tetsumi.

Akashi Seika was almost an exact replica of her father. Luscious long red hair that was a shade lighter than his. Bright ruby cat eyes shined with such a gleam it was captivating.

Seika was polite and sophisticated acting like a princess she knew she was. When she was born, the maids awed at how she marveled a Chinese doll. Pale skin with rosy cheeks.

Kuroko Tetsumi took her mother's name by choice feeling that she didn't belong with her father's. She looked like her mother. Pale and average with pale blue hair that was in a bob.

Large blue eyes that observed everything around her. She was smaller than Seika and the two were deemed opposites. Tetsumi always used her manners and was very polite.

The maids often lost her because of her lack of presence. She wasn't as smart as Seika but she was a smart student. Even though they were nothing a like they were always close.

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