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Golden London

Olympic Trials had been nerve-racking enough that JR isn’t sure how he is going to get through the actual Olympics.

He’s never attended an Olympic Games as a spectator before so it is sure to be an interesting experience.

He doesn’t really advertise that he’s going. Doesn’t tweet about it or post on Tumblr or Facebook about his plans. His parents know, his brothers, his friends on the National team.

And of course Nathan knows. How could he not? He’d practically begged JR to come. JR would be a pretty shitty boyfriend if he said no. JR can’t stay the whole 2 weeks.

So he goes to trials in Omaha, and flies home while Nathan heads to training camp in first Tennessee and then France. It’s a couple of weeks later that JR flies to London.

He’s there to see Nathan swim three races: the 4x100 relay, the 100 free, and the medley relay.

They’ll have, he hopes, three days together after Nathan finishes before JR’s limited resources will force him to return to the states. He’s not made of money after all.

Nathan’s just thrilled he’s coming at all.

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