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Golden El

A kingdom basked in eternal glory, where riches pour from the fountains and fruit nourishes the famished.

Where broken bones and lost limbs are replaced with flawless replicates, where the weather is constantly a blessing,

where the people and economy thrive and their undefeated Pharaoh is worshiped a god.

This is the glorious kingdom of Elrios - The land blessed by El.

Although the conditions are heated and sweat covers the people in its usual clotted blanket, it's people appear unaffected, their skin bronzing - yet never burning.

Crops thrive, water is never short, and constantly sanitised. This world is flawless, and at the heart of it sits a Pharaoh whispered among the people to be Lady El's Child.

Since coming into power, they conquered and thrived, kingdoms threatening to invade were nothing more than children's jokes, any opposition quickly and easily stomped out.

Nothing could stop this empire, and it's people were bountifully rewarded with riches and fine silk. There was no poor in this kingdom, no sickness or starvation, the Pharaoh made sure.

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