Golden Child
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Golden Child

Richard’s P.O.V.

,,Chris, is that you?!” I found the only known face. Actually, the only face in here. In this room. In this bright sterile room. I’m in a hospital.

,,Thanks god! Yes, Rich, it’s me. Hey,” he put down the book and looks at me.

,,Nurse, he’s awake!” he shouts out of the room and looks back at me.

,,Do you know who you are? How old are you? Who am I?” he asked me concerned.

Obviously I know who he is when I already called him Chris. ,,Yes, I am Richard Kruspe, I’m 24 and you’re my brother Chris.”

,,Okay, great. No memory loss then,” he sighs in relief.

,,Why should I have a memory loss? Where are mom and dad? And what are you doing here? “

A nurse came into the room before my brother could say something.

,,Hello, Mr. Kruspe! How are you feeling? That was a long nap, wasn’t it?“ she smiles while checking me.

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