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A written piece by chrysize posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


I first saw him just outside Bevelle Temple. His clothes made him stand out, as did his height. A stern face, plus a tall and muscular frame, and people naturally veered away from his post.

A single glance should’ve satisfied my curiosity, but I soon stole several more, and then got caught by his stare the next time, pinning me where I stood with a bread loaf clutched to my chest.

Eye contact always made me uncomfortable, and it felt rather like he was weighing every good and bad deed I’d done in my life with that sharp stare.

Finally he turned his gaze elsewhere and I was free to scurry away, heart racing from both nervousness and the fact that someone so attractive had actually stared at me for so long.

Kind of scary, but still pretty hot...

Later I realized I had crushed my bread while he was staring, so also unfortunate. Oh well.

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