Godzilla: Kiyru Serizawa
Godzilla: Kiyru Serizawa that's all i guess? stories

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Godzilla: Kiyru Serizawa

Dr Ishiro Serizawa sat in a chopper with his assistant, Dr Vivienne Graham and a little girl that was sitting between them, about the age of four.

She was small for her age, light brown hair came to her chin and her eyes that were once blue, turned a deep brown color, almost becoming a orange color.

She wore a simple blue t-shirt and little blue shorts to match as well as white flips flops.

Kiryu Serizawa, the adopted daughter of Ishiro Serizawa, sat in her seat, trying to look out the window but to no avail.

She pouted and crossed her arms, wanting to see what the outside looked liked.

Serizawa glanced down at his daughter before unbuckling her seatbelt and sat her on his lap where she could see the outside. He saw her eyes lit up when she saw the outside.

"Papa! So many trees!" she squealed. Unlike most girls her age where they would play with baby dolls and barbies, Kiryu would rather be outside, looking at the the different animals and plants.

Going with her father on trips like these really made her happy.

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