God Save My Soul
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A story by whisperingwhy posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

God Save My Soul

Entering heaven again after a month of living on Earth, was always a brief culture shock for X.

Having been sent to Earth to do God’s work meant that he had fully integrated himself into his new life. This month had been an adjustment that he had finally seemed to come to terms with.

As a student, he had returned to heaven on a daily basis.

When he had received his assignment, he had initially worried about living full time on earth, but he finally decided that if God needed him – he would be there.

And now that he had gotten used to his new life, he was starting to enjoy the diversity of thoughts that came with human beings. They were messed up – but they were interesting.

Up until now, X had been sheltered from having to work on Earth.

He was one of the original transformed angels: When God had first decided to promote former humans to angel status, X had been in the original group.

After his inception as an angel, there had been many, many more groups of humans who has received the great honor.

Due to his honored status – almost as high as created angels - he had always obtained heavenly jobs. Jobs that required little work and lots of glory.

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