Go Ugly Early
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fanfic by just_another_tinker posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Go Ugly Early

Tony sighed, eyes sweeping the room idly, trying not to think of the ropes rubbing along his wrists.

The water dripping from ceiling pipe echoed loudly through the silent room. Tony narrowed his eyes at it, as if daring the water to leak out again.

Of course, there were more pressing matters at the moment.

Like the fact that he was sitting bound in an old iron chair, staring up at what Tony assumed to be some mob man’s muscle.

The man was huge; if Tony listened closely enough, he could probably hear the clothes straining, trying to contain his bulk.

The room was dark; the only light coming from a flickering bulb, but Tony could still make out the steely blue eyes that pierced him from across the room.

Tony repressed a shudder. He was an intimidating man, sure, able to bring any business man to his knees in seconds. But Muscles over there did not sit well with Tony.

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