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Gnosia Stella Coronae

The dream was a confusing one, as dreams usually are.

She was aware of golden feathers, shattered glass, someone holding her and trying to explain something she couldn't understand,

then suddenly she was shoved backwards and sent falling towards a great heat, just as someone in the real world pulled her out of bed.

She woke with a jolt the moment she hit the floor and could not suppress a cry of surprise.

Disoriented, she rubbed her eyes and tried to recall the dream when it still burned brightly in her memory, but it quickly faded and she only knew that she had dreamed and it had been strange.

"Good morning, Rebecca!" her friend said all-too-cheerfully. "You did say you would come with me to Lavaridge, right?"

Rebecca had not said anything like this recently and her friend knew this very well,

but she knew from experience that she was going to be dragged out of the hideout no matter what she said and it was best to go along with it. "Fine," she mumbled, picking herself off the floor.

The arm she landed on was throbbing; she had no doubt it would bruise. "Keep it down. You'll wake up the others."

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