Glow Stick & Bat Costume
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Glow Stick & Bat Costume

"Okay. But. Did you just insult me in Arabic or some other obscure ancient language you know." Hal looked at Batman- because it was Batman, cowl and scowl and everything.

"What." Batman growled.

"No, seriously. We were having a nice fight and all and then you go and start spouting gibberish." Hal grinned lopsidedly. "Arabic.

Seriously? You know like fifty and one different languages and you go with that one?"

Batman kept glaring at him, lips curled into a snarl.

"You can't even have a normal fight, can you. Jesus Christ. What the hell is wrong with you."

Batman stood where he was without saying anything, and then-in a movement too quick for Hal to see-he simply charged towards him,

slamming him against the wall hard enough to knock the wind out of him and make his back protest.

The rest of his body didn't seem to give a fuck, though, even if Batsy's utility belt was digging into his stomach.

He felt the hot puff of Bruce's breath against the side of his face, as well as his armor-clad leg sliding between his legs in a sharp movement,

making Hal thrust forward instinctively with a grunt.

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