Glory, Please!
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Glory, Please!

Jack Zimmermann skates to the center of the rink.  He takes position and waits for the sound of the music.

At the first lush notes of the song, Jack moves his feet, his arms, his body.  Scattered yells ring out around the arena at his first half-turn.

Jack Zimmermann is popular enough that even a slight movement of his little finger would garner some applause, but it isn’t until the next leap that he gets a huge round of cheering.

There’s little that Jack can do to stop the wide, true smile from growing on his face.

Jack jumps to the sound of Céline Dion.

The Canadian singer is as close as Jack can get to paying homage to his home country without denouncing the country he’s representing—America—on the World Stage: the Winter Olympics.

Jack doesn’t understand the technicalities—or ironies—of him skating to a song about not wanting to be alone anymore.  Jack’s coach, John Johnson, knows.

But that might be some sort of coincidence.  Or metaphysics.  Call it what you will.  Coach Johnson also knows what happens to Jack and Bitty at the end of this story, so…

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