Glory & Gore
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Glory & Gore

Nate walked through the rows, looking into every space with care. Zoey’s birthday was coming quickly, and Nate wanted to get his present secured ahead of time.

He wasn’t sure which store to look in, but he had to start somewhere. It was a little loud, and the aisles were more than a little cramped, but he quickly knew that he'd found the right place.

“This one’s not going to last long,” the girl helping him said with a sigh, pointing as she spoke. “Too fucked up.”

Nate crouched down to get a better look. “What happened?”

“It’s a long story.”

Nate gave her a look, and she explained. By the time she was through, Nate had already made up his mind. “Yeah, I'll take it.”

Jay and Ava's morning started with three sharp raps on the door. “Housekeeping!”

There was a long period of shuffling before Jay opened the door. “Hey, good morning,” he greeted, voice thick from sleep. He was exhausted but still polite.

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