Gloria's Museum Adventures.
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Gloria's Museum Adventures.

Gloria awoke one evening to find that Cecil, Gus and Reginald were already locking up the exhibit for the night.

Her exhibit consisted of four wax figures in a 50s diner setting depicting popular dances of the time.

She in a dusty pink poodle skirt and heels, and Johnny, a greaser, posed in a jive when they freeze at night.

Charles, in a v neck sweater vest and Ella in a pale yellow swing skirt, depicted black Lindy Hoppers.

Gloria approached the now locked gate.

“Good evening gentlemen, you’re rather early tonight,” she observed.

“Well Gloria,” Cecil began, a note of sadness in his voice. “Tonight is our last night as guards at the museum. Got a new guy starting tomorrow.

” He tried to smile, but they could see this was hard for him.

“That sure sucks Mr Fredericks” Johnny said, leaning on the exhibit wall. “Know we’ll miss you boys.”

“Thank you Johnny,” Reginald said as he leaned on his stick.

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