Glass Castle
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Glass Castle

Glass Castle

Misery loves company. Daryl had always heard this innocuous expression without giving it much thought. However, the past sixteen months have been profound blows

to the gut as his whole life became one giant, miserable, and turbulent series of events.

Rick lost his fifteen year career as an affluent corporate attorney due to several bad business deals with the firms major clients like Koch Brothers and IHS. It all

happened in an instant. He was the golden boy of New York Cities largest law firm and then he was nothing. “Thanks for your time, but you’ve lost your edge.” And just like

that he was cast aside like trash.

Unfortunate for Daryl, all those years he was an artist, able to be freelance and not fear how much or how little money he made. Rick was rich, respected, Daryl only had

to be on his dapper arm to reap the glamorous results of being Rick Grime’s husband. And Rick loved it, an unspoken dynamic of their marriage Daryl later found out once

the glamour was over is that his husband enjoyed being the bread winner. The one in control of the money. He loved to dote on his sweet boy, his, baby doll, silly little

minx. All the cutesy pet names he gave Daryl as an ersatz adoration when really he was insinuating the younger man’s simplicity, his lack of understanding about the world

on his own. Rick regularly reminded Daryl of how lucky he is to have a man like him, to love and take care of him while he remained a whimsical artist who required the

support of someone who actually knew how to maneuver the world.

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