Glamour & Reverie
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Glamour & Reverie

Larry only realizes what's going on because John tried it on him, once.

It still takes him a few minutes to notice the glamour, to realize that the low-level arousal he feels is coming from John and not just his own libido.

John's glamour is well known to him by now, especially this particular flavour of "I'm going to molest the hell out of someone".

He turns his attention to John, who is, for all intents and purposes, paying complete attention to his uncle as he sits across the table, conversing with him about the freehold with ease.

Every once and awhile he takes a bite from the beautifully layered dark chocolate and cherry parfait that's sitting in front of him.

Larry's confused for a moment as to why John is feeling so randy. Then he identifies a new flavour of glamour in the mix, and finally notices Daniel.

As far as anyone is concerned, Lord Murdoch's consort is perfectly composed, both hands resting lightly on the table cloth, quietly and attentively listening to John and his uncle, Duke Richard,

converse. Except Larry can see the slightest flush to the tips of his ears, and when the speaker changes it takes Daniel a few seconds to catch up and change his attention accordingly.

He also hasn't made a move to touch his parfait, which is white chocolate mousse and berry that Larry

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