Glam_100 drabbles - 2014
Glam_100 drabbles - 2014 adam lambert/tommy ratliff stories

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Glam_100 drabbles - 2014

The full moon follows Adam through the day, into the studio, twining bright with silver and dark as velvet black night into the music.

He growls out the notes, snarls words into the mic, and they're changing everything as he sings, layering tracks as fast as they can.

Until the trill of his phone alarm cuts through the sound booth, and he calls an end to it.

"We'll pick this up tomorrow," he says, glancing down at the time.

"No problem." Bonnie smiles. "We've got the cut."

He grins back at her, feeling the sharpening points of his teeth. "Awesome."


Home is too far away, and traffic is shit, like it is every full moon. Adam uses every reflex he's got, but he's still almost twenty minutes late.

His phone starts ringing as he pulls up to the gate.

"Daddy!" Marc's voice comes through the speakers. "You said you wouldn't be late! Not on my Shift Night."

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