Give You My F-f-fever ...
Give You My F-f-fever ... tommy ratliff (musician) stories

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A written piece by cunningdeb adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Give You My F-f-fever ...

“The night I choose to ride in the bands bus everyone is knocked out.. Lol poor wittle band buddies,” Sasha tweeted, looking at the wiped out people around here.

Monte was fighting to keep his eyes open, tweeting his wife; LP was half asleep, caressing his drum sticks; Cam had fallen asleep, head on Sasha’s shoulder; and Tommy was in his bunk.

He’d headed straight there from the theatre, saying he wasn’t feel too good.

“The band bus is never crazy when we go and visit. I think they lie to us. The real party is on our bus!” Taylor tweeted back.

It was true. They were playing video games – boys vs. girls – and even though Brooke was representing on her own, the girls were winning. Adam had retired to his lair, needing some alone time.

Sasha put her phone down and turned on the TV, searching for something entertaining at one in the morning.

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