Give Me Some Of That Bass
Give Me Some Of That Bass dan howell stories

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A short story by drxpdead posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Give Me Some Of That Bass

In the grand scheme of the world, it seemed a pretty universal rule that, you don't answer the phone when making out with your significant other.

It was rude, completely unnecessary, and in some cases, downright disrespectful.

Phil had just pressed Dan onto his bed, kissing a path up his neck to his jaw, when the insistent ringing began, making him pause.

But Dan had gripped his hair and pulled him up, pressing their lips together heatedly before pulling away an inch.

"Ignore it." He breathed hotly against Phil's lips, his hands trailing across his shoulders and his hips lifting to grind against him.

And fuck, Phil was more than glad to do so, leaning down to capture his lips again.

After another few minutes, Phil's shirt was gone, tossed to the floor hastily, and Dan was worshipping his chest with his hands, moaning against Phil's lips.

Phil didn't know why, but his boyfriend seemed to derive some pleasure in just touching his body. Not that he was complaining; those pretty sounds he made were heavenly.

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