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A short story by tye adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


When asked who is the person with the most Ever After High school spirit, Raven Queen is never the first to come to anyone's mind.

Given the fact that she is actively rebelling against her fate to be the next Evil Queen, and thereby going against everything her school stands for, she probably isn't the second person either.

Most of her classmates don't see her as someone brimming with school pride. And she isn't. Raven is fine with admitting that.

So yes, sometimes on Friday Pride-day when everyone is supposed to dress in school spirit wear, she'll wear regular street clothes because she just isn't feeling it.

But she is excited for the Playoff Pep Rally this afternoon. Okay, maybe it's because it meant everyone got out of class early for the festivities.

History of Evil Spells was cut short by 20 minutes. But she's still excited enough to put on her leather jacket with her school logo on it.

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