Girl with the Golden Legs
Girl with the Golden Legs mushanokouji "the kid" shien stories

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Girl with the Golden Legs

It started sometime during her first visits to Kyoshin High School, that during football practice Mizumachi began an odd habit of picking Sena up and placing her on his broad shoulders.

The former swimmer would cheerfully hoist her up with massive hands when she came within reach, even as she babbled in distress at such childish treatment.

Objecting proved futile and she couldn’t very well

down since the teen was 203 centimeters tall or roughly 6’7” in American terms. Her legs were her greatest asset after all, Hiruma told/warned her, and she couldn’t risk them.

It terrified her at first, being up so high. Perched on the shoulders of a giant, even small, slight Sena began to feel powerful.

She had never been able to look down at anyone before, and all of the players that had towered over her now rested underneath gaze. It was… oddly satisfying.

Sena swiftly grew accustomed to the strange habit, no longer protesting or dodging, although she was very capable of avoiding him.

Mizumachi picked her up almost absentmindedly after the fourth or fifth time, not seeming to realize he was doing so and truthfully she began to look forward to it.

Even tugging on his shirt meaningfully during the rare times he forgot.

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