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Girl Meets World

I lay on my bed waiting for Maya to come and pick me up.

She crawls through my window, I sit up "Hey Maya" "Hey Riley, are you ready to go?" "Yea but it is the first day of 7th grade, can we really be ready for that?

" "Well I guess not but you will be fine as long as you stick with me." "I know I will because I have you, my Best Friend." I say confidently Maya as I hug and walk down stairs. "Hey Maya.

" My mum and dad say in unison "Hey". We both sit down at the table, "Are you guys ready for school today?" My dad asks us "I will be fine Matthews." "Yea dad, I will be fine...

Do you know who our teacher is?" I ask. "Well it is funny you ask Riley." Oh no it can't be can it? I ask myself "I will be your teacher for history and Home Room.

" "I was afraid he was going to say that" I whisper to Maya. "Well we better not be late to school we better be on our way" Maya says as she drags me out the door.

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