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Ghostwritings ➳ Phan

Phil Lester slid out of the driver's seat and stepped out of the car, the autumn wind whipping around him, blowing his hair and his scarf around. He gazed over at his new house.

It was a small house, about two stories if you don't count the basement and attic.

Phil exhaled and turned around, walking to the passenger side of the car. He opened the door and stepped aside, holding out a hand that his grandma took so she could climb out of the car.

"This is it, Grandma," Phil said after his grandma was on her feet.

Grandma Lester smiled softly at their new house. "It's lovely, Philip," she commented, turning to look at her grandson.

"I'm glad you think so," Phil replied, handing her the cane she carried for walking. Grandma walked to the house as Phil went and grabbed their luggage.

They had just purchased the furniture they needed and made sure everything was in the right places, so all they had to do was unpack clothes, personal belongings and such.

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