Ghost of the Past
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Ghost of the Past

Atem and Yugi sat at the kitchen counter lost in conversation.

"So have you asked Tea out yet?" The older Mutou asked.

Yugi looked down at his plate and shook his head.

"No, I mean what if she's says no?"

Atem gave him a stern look.

"You'll never know till you ask."

"Yeah, but... I mean she is one year older than me."

"Yugi, she is only 17 and you are 16 that isn't much of an age difference."


"No more buts Yugi." Atem told his brother grimly. Honestly he had forgotten how many times they had had this particular conversation.

"Ok I'll think about it."

Atem sighed that always was Yugi's answer.

"So do you like anybody at school?" Yugi asked innocently, meeting his brother's eyes for the first time that morning.

Atem sent him a look.

"No and even if I did; all the girls at school only care about going out with the King of Games. I mean think about it, a few months back they wouldn't have even given me a second look."

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