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A fanfic by guardianstar posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


I took arithmetic deep breaths as I walked down the pavement leading to Midtown High School.

I was thankful to be transferring at the beginning of the school year, not in the middle of it, but the idea of a brand new school in a brand new area was still horrifying.

I glanced up at the building as it came into sight. It wasn't as big as some of the other schools I’d been to, but it was still pretty huge.

It looked like it had four floors, which was, in my records, big. I didn't miss the large American flag hanging above the main entrance and I had to stifle a laugh.

I’d heard America was patriotic, but I guess now was my time to see the truth. This was my first time in the USA, my dad and I transferred here for his job as a journalist.

We’d moved to New York, which was amazing on its own. I’d lived my whole life in a small town in England and suddenly I'm in the middle of New York, the Big Apple I think some call it?

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