Get With The Police
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Get With The Police

Tommy knew what he had to do. He had to talk to Will.

He went to Will's apartment and knocked on the door as soon as he could the next day. It was raining hard, and he wasn't even sure if Will was home.

Tommy stood on the apartment stoop, drenched in water. He could hear the dogs barking, but that didn't really mean Will was home.....

But Will opened the door, and he wasn't dressed in his uniform. Today must've been a day off.

"Hey," Tommy said.

Will didn't look particularly happy to see him.


Tommy pressed his lips together, then launched right into it.

"You're not gonna press charges against Jimmy. Right?"

Will gave a heavy sigh and leaned against the door frame.

"Shouldn't I?"

"It - it would mean a lot to me and my brothers and Ma."

Will wasn't making eye contact when he said the next thing. Instead he was rubbing his forehead and looking at the ground.

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