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Get Up

Get Up

Chapter 1

“Pepper? Why does everyone think I’m fucking Steve?!”

Pepper blinked and slowly lifted her eyes from her laptop screen, looking over at where Tony stood at his apartment workstation,

hands waving at the screen and wearing his ‘I am going to blow up the universe’ face. “Run that by me again?”

He looked at her. “Everyone seems under the impression that Ironman and Captain America are fucking. What the hell?”

She managed not to burst into laughter. “Get off Facebook, Tony.”

“You knew about this didn’t you.” He rubbed his eyes.

“Oh please, this has been all over the internet since New York. Hell even you think he’s hot.”

“I know lesbians that think Steve is hot and that is SO not the point because Steve could not be straighter. NASA could use his straightness to calibrate equipment.” Tony pouted.

Outside the Avengers Tower, snow came down in thick blankets.

Since blowing the hell out of some Florida everglades, things have been fairly quiet really, just the usual local troublemakers needing the occasional bitchslap to mind their place.

Loki and Thor were not just getting along, they’d borrowed the plane and gone to visit Jane together.

A week-long trip had turned into two weeks, littered with random phone calls and text messages and hey Tony can I buy Thor a motorcycle on this expense card?

And Tony had been pouting for days now because dammit he wanted some quality time with his boyfriend.

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