Get It Back to Good
Get It Back to Good shirogane naoto/tatsumi kanji stories

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A fan work by judascomplex adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Get It Back to Good


Yu's head snapped up and out of the TV world his mind had been in. Which one had he been walking through this time?

There was a certain calm he still felt when he remembered that one, even though at the time, he'd been anything but calm.

“I...sorry, Yamada-sensei. What was the question?”

His English teacher sighed. “Have you been listening at all? Right, stand up, on your feet.”

Yu pushed himself up from his desk, staring ahead at the board behind the teacher. English. Why did he have to be spacing out in English?

“Fill in the appropriate phrase for this sentence. 'I had no idea that you were planning to come—you...what, me?' Use the base verb, 'to warn.'”

Yu's mind raced for anything close to the appropriate answer.

“Should have warned me?” Yu offered, hopeful.

“Mmm, lucky guess. Yes, you could say that they 'should have' warned you, or they 'might have' warned you. Sit down, and try to at least look like you're paying attention next time?”

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