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A work by merriman adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Get Fucked Soon

With AJ and Corey off in the wilds of Boston - or Cambridge,

Corey had been very particular about that when she'd written to the store to assure them all that everything was fine there - and Gina busy with her new band, well,

it was a lot quieter around the store. Not too quiet though, since Mark still worked there, which guaranteed early morning moshing now that Gina was rarely there to veto.

Deb did not mind the morning moshing. She'd suggested to Joe that they make it a scheduled event, try to drum up business by advertising to the early bird metal heads.

Joe had not gone for it, but he didn't stop it either.

Deb watched from the tills as Mark and Warren threw themselves at a handful of regulars, knocking over a display of Michael Bolton CDs.

She had a bizarre urge to glue it all down where it had fallen.

When the moshing was over and some far more sedate King Missile was playing instead Deb took Warren by the elbow and handed him a clipboard.

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