Genuine Distinctions
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Genuine Distinctions

Freya knew Charlie was studying her, trying to figure her out, after the whole revelation not only of her real identity but her gift.

She’d seen that moment on his face after she told him, when he hastily tried to review every interaction they’d ever had and spot when she’d used her gift on him (she hadn’t,

and not just because she’d been ordered not to).

She’d known from the look in his eyes, the way he’d stepped closer, that as soon as they were alone he was going to go for a kiss, but then she’d told him the truth, and he’d stopped.

He’d been friendly enough when she helped him move into his quarters in the science corridor, and he caught her up on gossip about Don and his father and Larry, but she’d seen the wariness,

the hesitation, the abandoned motions when he’d reach for her and catch himself.

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