Gentle II
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Gentle II

Gentle II

Ginji had never known a dom as gentle as his Ban-chan.

In Mugenjou, subs were abused casually. Ginji had been lucky; being the Reitei had managed to stave off the worst of them.

Still, every dom he had encountered, even the most well-meaning ones, had hurt him in ways that not even Reitei's power could keep from scarring.

Ginji had come to accept that doms would do what they wished with him and then throw him away.

But Ban-chan wasn't like that. Ban-chan controlled himself as much as he controlled Ginji. Even in the midst of sex, when it should have been almost impossible, Ban-chan was careful, so careful.

He would press forward hungrily, but his grip would slacken the moment Ginji began to feel the familiar fear at the edges of his mind.

Sometimes Ginji could see Ban-chan trembling from the effort of holding himself back, but his dom never complained about what must have been very frustrating.

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