Genes Aren't Everything
Genes Aren't Everything jupiter jones/ caine wise stories

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Genes Aren't Everything

He bit down a scream as connections were severed without any thought to his comfort. He writhed on the table, fighting to get away but he was too tightly restrained.

He finally screamed as the final connections were severed and his wings ripped from his back. He was left trembling and gasping on the table before being hauled up and tossed into a shuttle.

Barely an hour later he was deposited into the desolate wasteland known as Deadlands.

He staggered to his feet, still bleeding, and began moving, knowing the shuttle would attract attention of those already there.

He didn’t understand what had happened but they all said he’d attacked the Entitled, torn his throat out.

He remembered the looks of disgust from his own unit as he’d been dragged from his cell to be stripped and clipped. Only Stinger, only his Captain, had looked at him with any other emotion.

And then he’d seen him again and Stinger’s wings had been gone. His Captain had sacrificed himself for him.he would survive and find a way to repay him even if it was the last thing he did

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