Gathering Rain
Gathering Rain greek and roman mythology stories

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A fanfic by gwenndolyn posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Gathering Rain

He had already walked by the shop once. It was quaint place, from what he could see of it.

The storefront was painted messily in a dark, forest green color; some of the paint had slid before it dried onto the clear glass of the windows.

The path of concrete in front of the store was littered with flowers, all in plastic containers for sale or planted in huge ceramic pots.

Ash couldn’t see much past that, since flowers bulked up the window space. He couldn’t even see her through them, but wished that he could.

His dark eyes had easily memorized the cracks in the sidewalk, the huge black boots that covered his feet stepped on each one without any care.

Black cats and walking under ladders had never bothered him, but apparently a little blonde girl did. Ash couldn’t help but let out a grunt at the thought, he still didn’t understand it.

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