Gasoline and Sunshine Cocktails
Gasoline and Sunshine Cocktails james no-last-name stories

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A written piece by euromagpie adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Gasoline and Sunshine Cocktails

“Guess who?” Came a voice that was waaaay too cheerful for the morning sky still being dark. Piper rolled over, pulling his covers over his head.

“Fuck off.”

“Nope, it’s James, how did you not guess that?” James piped up. Piper felt the edge of his mattress shift. He groaned in what he hoped was a pitiful and pointed way.

“Nggg, James it’s four in the morning.” Piper squeezed his eyes closed. He wasn’t going to open them. He wasn’t.

“Is it? I thought it was three. Oh well, I have mojitos.”

Piper opened his eyes.

With a put out sigh he shoved the covers down low enough to peer at his friend, who did, indeed, have a mojito in each hand.

Piper knew for a fact they didn’t have the ingredients for them in the flat.

“What- why- how did you climb in here with those in your hands?” He finally settled on, rubbing the grit from his eye. James just grinned.

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