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“Are you sure we should do this?” Maka avoided the blue eyes of her friend. Her fingers fiddled her red skirt as a blush grew on her face.

“I mean, this is something you are supposed to do with Tsubaki and me with Soul. This is so―”

“Intimate.” Black*Star finished her sentence. “It is, but we are childhood friends.” His hand laid on hers. Maka’s eyes connected with his blue ones. “We know each other.

We were friends long before we met Soul and Tsubaki. We’ve been so busy with missions and our relationships with our weapons. I think it is time for us to connect.”

“But,” Maka’s throat is drier than the desert their city is surrounded with. Her heart is going haywire and her sweat production is at its peak.

Her hands glister with sweat and she wiped them on her skirt. “I mean, it feels

What if Soul or Tsubaki finds out? Soul won’t be happy with us. If we do this, nothing good will come out of this.”

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