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fanfic by sorta_sirius_black posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...



Lock up when you leave, and I swear to God Almighty if I come back to find a beer cans, cigarette butts, or bodily fluids of any kind,

I'll be forced to chop off your rear ends and mount em over my fireplace." Harlan warned as be dropped the keys in Adam's hand. Always Adam, never Nigel.

Harlan couldn't bring himself to trust the alpha quite yet. He swept in too suddenly, changed Adam too damn fast. Adam had been unpresented and naive one minute, the next...

That man swept in and the next thing Harlan knew was that Adam was an omega, mated, and evidently trying for a litter. Everything had changed and Harlan didn't quite trust it yet.

Not that Harlan disliked the changes that the boy had gone through. Adam was like his own son, and seeing how happy that the alpha had made him was comforting.

Adam Raki deserved happiness once in his goddamned life.

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