Games of Seduction
Games of Seduction by chapter seven it just gets feel crushing stories

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Games of Seduction

Genji had seen many things in his life via the power of the internet.

He had explored the vast quantities of images of scandalous women and men, delved deep into the world of shameful sin and come out with new eyes upon the world,

but he hadn’t really felt anything that he thought would make him question his tastes.

He was a young man, a modest twenty years of age ad had his fair share of girlfriends with a passing interest in men he hadn’t really bothered to explore or had a desire to do so.

Pictures of men and movies of men were just that. Media.

Like most media, it did very little to actually arouse Genji’s interest other than a passing look, thus his interests in men had been buried easily under assurances of it being a passing fancy.

It took seeing perfect masculinity in the flesh for his senses to have their great awakening to the world of possibility that he had so long denied.

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