Game of Threes
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Game of Threes

When memories of a previous timeline started to overwhelm Olivia’s sense of reality, she was faced with a choice between two lives.

She recognized how important the previous timeline’s events were, both professionally and personally: the memories of dealing with Jones and Newton, the truth of John’s death,

But this timeline held her life. She and Astrid and Walter had closed many of the same cases, and here she had memories of growing up as Nina’s ward, and Rachel’s two children.

There was so much terror in the other timeline, so much loss and sadness. Yet, again:

. And all the memories of him she couldn’t bear to lose again, never mind the man himself, who needed her to anchor him to this world.

Working with the alternate universe’s team on the other side of the bridge showed her a third possibility. Olivia being Olivia, she didn’t hesitate to take the unconventional path.

“Stay,” she told Peter. “I won’t let you go again.”

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