Game of powers (Detective Jackman)
Game of powers (Detective Jackman) philosophy stories

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Game of powers (Detective Jackman)

Hugh arrived to the police station, the smoked air was intense and Anne, his boss, was not having a good mood today.

-Is this your idea of you coming in earlier to work?

-Sorry ma’am, I got stuck in traffic

-If you weren’t good as a detective I would have fired you ages ago; so don’t tempt me more than I am.

Michael has already been gone; his husband wasn’t in a good shape so I send him home immediately…so today you work alone.

-Do I sense that you like Michael and not me?

-That is correct, now get moving cuz there is a very important case in the files that are laying on your desk, the commissioner said that its only for your private eyes.

I still don’t know what she sees in you.

-C’mon darling, give me some credit.

-You flirt with me one more time, you handsome womanizer, and your chance of having your own kids are going to be destroyed for ever, got it?

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