Game of Love
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Game of Love

He sighed but used the joystick nevertheless and his main character went straight ahead the boss.

But every time the heroes’ team used its swords against the big dragon, the word “miss” appeared. Of course, the boss didn’t miss his targets and all the three characters died.

Yet, he did it, thought it took him more than two hours to level up till the level 37. And then, he came close the boss. It was a difficult fight but he finally won over the big dragon.

He screamed of joy and a smile appeared on his lips: he really loved this game.

Suddenly he yawned and looked at the clock on the wall.

He switched off his Wii then his TV and went under his blankets. Tomorrow would be a rough day but he would survive and continue his game!

“And again, his smart Highness Richard has got a good mark!” A student commented.

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