Galaxy of Missing Moments
Galaxy of Missing Moments leia organa/han solo stories

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Galaxy of Missing Moments

Galaxy of Missing Moments

Authors Note: Hello

This story is my take on Missing moments between Han and Leia between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens.

I will reference Canon storyline when I can, the rest will be my take on these moments we didn’t get to see.

I think I needed to write this story to make my heart feel a little better after seeing Force Awakens.

This will be my first Star Wars Fanfic and I haven’t sat down and wrote a fan fiction in years but I’m diving in head first with this one. Ratings may vary just depending on where this takes me.

There will be H/L Fluff, Love, Angst, and more…Anything my mind comes up with. I hope my fellow Han and Leia lovers will enjoy this.

I have quite a few chapters planned for this, so please let me know what you think.

Referenced in the Chapter: Star wars Shattered Empire.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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