Furyan Past and Future
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Furyan Past and Future

Riddick watched as the second ship sat down on the dusty field. Jackal growled and Riddick shushed her with a hand to her head. Her fur still bristled up though and Riddick didn't blame her.

He hadn't counted on this many mercs showing up for him.

The second ship started unloading and Riddick twitched as he caught a look at the head merc. He looked like -

"Billy! Grab your and the little one's gear and come on!"

"Christ's sakes we're coming!"

Riddick half rose from his hiding spot before he remembered himself and laid back down.

"Shazza baby come on!" Johns called at the ship.

There were a few small thumps and a kid, no more than six maybe, tumbled out of the ship wearing black overall shorts and a striped long sleeves with a bag slung over her shoulders,

a pair of goggles on her eyes and some neon yellow sneakers. "Come on baby," Johns held his hand out and Shazza grabbed it.

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